Trump on Hilton Head Golf

Donald Trump warns his supporters: ‘No more golf’ if Bernie Sanders wins

Trump on Golf in Hilton Head…..Just had to pot this….read on.

“Electing Bernie Sanders as president would lead to the end of golfing in the United States, according to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“We have to be progressive in our thinking,” Trump said during a campaign rally in Hilton Head, South Carolina. “When I say progressive I mean like smart. I’m not talking progressive like a Bernie Sanders would say.”

“This guy wants to tax you — think of it — this guy wants to raise your taxes to 90 percent,” he continued. “No, no, think. You’ll have to move out — I love this area by the way, I’ve been here many times. Great golfing area, right? We love it. No more golf — no more golf. You won’t have any golf any more. You won’t have any money left to be golfing.”

It’s not the first time Trump has accused Sanders of wanting to raise taxes to 90 percent — a claim that PolitiFact has rated as “Pants on Fire” in October. The fact-checking website said “Sanders has never explicitly proposed a 90 percent tax rate for billionaires, let alone applying that rate across the board.””