Healdsburg Golf Club Men’s Club

At Healdsburg Golf Club, we currently have an active, well organized and fun men’s golf club.  The club plays in a monthly tournament, the last Sunday of each month with many different formats from qualifiers, to 3 club tournaments.   They also have a dinner that is included in membership fees which is the second Tuesday of each month in the Healdsburg Clubhouse.    Membership is open to all Men 18 and over and is just $110 for first year members and $100 for returning members.  Membership includes ability to play in monthly tournaments, NCGA membership to establish handicap, and monthly dinners.

Men’s Club Contacts Click Here                                            Men’s Club Membership Application Click Here

Healdsburg Men’s Golf Club 2017 Schedule

*Dates approved and added to 2017 Calendar by Matt Anderson.

1/20 crab feed (friday) 7pm
1/29 tourney 8am TBD
2/21 dinner 7pm
2/26 tourney 8am 2-man bb  club/ncga qualifier
3/21 dinner 7pm
3/26 tourney 8am irish vs. world
4/18 dinner 7pm
4/23 tourney 8am 2-man bb club/ncga senior qualifier
5/16 dinner 7pm
5/21 tourney 8am championship round 1
6/4   tourney 8am championship round 2
6/11 tourney 8am championship round 3
6/20 dinner 7pm
7/21 social scramble (friday 4pm) (dinner 6:30pm)
7/23 tourney 8am individual club/ncga net amateur
8/27 tourney 8am club/silveira senior
9/19 dinner 7pm
9/24 tourney 8am 2-man club/ncga zone qualifier
10/15 tourney 8am TOC
10/17 dinner 7pm
10/29 tourney 8am NCGA Qualifyer
11/21 dinner 7pm
11/26 tourney 7pm member guest
12/17 tourney 8am lone star + best 2-balls
12/19 dinner 7pm