Exercise and Fun…Together?

Can You Have Fun While Exercising?

Well here is the formula we came up with.

Golf=Fun, Golf=Exercise, If you do the math


  • By walking 18 holes at our course you would walk 4+ miles and burn 2000+ calories
  • Riding 18 holes, burn 800+ calories and walk 1+ miles
  • Breath fresh air
  • Enjoy the outdoors

Moral of the story: More golf= more fun and more calories burned!

Q: How do you make paying for golf easier on the wallet?

A: Become a Member, See more information below.

2017 Annual Membership Information

Limited Membership $650: Unlimited play Mon-Fri excluding holidays and tournaments, but includes leagues.

Unlimited Annual $975: (For senior and couple prices click button below)


  • 1 FREE guest per month ANY DAY* (up to a $312.00 value)
  • 10% off on merchandise
  • Holiday dinner ($75 value)
  • 3 members only golf clinics ($100 Value)
  • 25% off at our sister courses (McInnis Park, Ukiah Valley, Fairgrounds)
  • Range card discounts (Save $3 per large bucket)

Limited Annual: $650-$439 in value items= $211 All you have to do is play once a month to come out ahead and once every other month to break even.

Unlimited Annual: $975-$487 in value items= $488! At that rate all you need to do is play 2 times per month to break even.

Any questions give us a call: 707-433-4275

*excludes tournaments and holidays