Op36 classes have ARRIVED!

Yes, it’s true! The Op36 classes have ARRIVED…


There are changes happening to golf development at Healdsburg Golf Club! It’s exciting to be part of the Operation 36 movement of helping golfers learn to shoot par. Watch the video below and please reach out with questions.


Healdsburg Golf Club is hosting 2 orientation meetings:

Wednesday, July 24th, 6-8:30PM

Wednesday, August 7th, 6-8:30PM

Please mark your Calendars for one or both of these meetings, as it will be an opportunity to talk and answer questions about Operation 36.

Through these coaching sessions we have players focus on breaking a 9 hole score of 36 from 25 yards away where all players will start. They will attempt this on their designated match days which will be on selected Saturdays in each season. Once the goal is achieved the player will graduate to division 2 where they will play from 50 yards (division 3 is 75 yards etc).

As players progress they can monitor their progress on the Op 36 app. Within the app they can post scores, organize practice sessions, and receive helpful tips on how to improve. It is such a good way to learn how to play golf the right way!


Meet the newest additions to our golf coaching staff:

Nick Corso, native to Healdsburg and lifetime golfer has returned after spending time in San Francisco creating a sustainable garden company. He is bringing his love of the game and his enthusiasm for instruction to the Healdsburg Golf Club community.

Rich Maloney is back in Sonoma County after spening 3 decades in Hawai’i. He brings his experience as a wine steward, pilot, and surfer to our golf community.   His experience coaching surfing will most definitely help  our community understand the value learning something as challenging as golf.