Our HBGC Family…

Dear Healdsburg Golfers,

We are very thankful that golf has been an activity that has been allowed under the government guidelines and we want to say thank you to all Healdsburg Golfers for everyone’s support during this COVID-19 crisis.

Healdsburg Golf Club’s primary emphasis from the onset, as we have communicated in the past, has been to make sure that our facilities and equipment are sanitized, our golfers and our employees wear masks, are kept safe, socially distanced, especially in common public areas.  This is not an easy task, takes time and resources, and we appreciate everyone’s patience in working with us in our small pro shop area to create a safe environment for golf check in, where the emphasis is on golf first,  followed by minimal food, snacks, drink service for consumption on the golf course or after a round of golf on the outside patio.

Despite the fact we would love the outside patio and clubhouse grass area to be a place for congregating and social gatherings, we are still not yet in normal times and therefore our focus must continue to be the same as the past few months with an emphasis on golf first, and secondly, minimal food, snacks, drinks, and outside patio seating that services our golfers and is not a bar/place for prolonged social gatherings.

We also keenly understand that after 7 months of restrictions, people’s patience is ebbing, all are tired and look forward to getting back to normal, just as do we! However, the facts are that under Governor Newsom’s color code system we here in Sonoma County are still under the most restrictive category “purple” which means there is still widespread COVID-19 transmission in our County.

We also understand that different people see and interpret things differently. That being said we want to thank the vast majority of Healdsburg Golfers for their understanding  as we try to keep all of our players and staff safe, and get through these times together.

Besides talking to our staff, please feel free to contact Mark Themig, Community Services Director – City of Healdsburg at 431-3316, if you have any questions regarding our following of the State guidelines that are in place and we continue to operate under.


Healdsburg Golf Club