Tiger Woods’ ‘baby steps’: He neither dazzles nor disappoints in his return to the PGA Tour

LA JOLLA, Calif. — The massive throngs that mysteriously had a late January Thursday off from work suggest that the Tiger Woods comeback is now more than a tradition. It’s a holiday, too.

Presumably they were there to see him, anyway, but to see him do what? Other than the ubiquitous swoosh and the occasional epithet, Woods was giving them little that they might have recognized. There were no trademark fist pumps, no club twirls.

Yet for one shining moment late in the first round of the Farmers Insurance Open, Woods gave them a glimpse of his old self, not at 42 his older self.

At the par-3 16th on the South Course at Torrey Pines, 190 yards across a chasm, Woods nearly made an ace. He hit it to eight inches of the hole, a tap-in birdie that was the highlight of an indifferent round of even-par 72.

“It’s just a full 6-iron, throw it up in the air,” he said. “The greens are really springy, so I was trying to land it soft. And we can’t see anything land from back there so we’re just listening for some noise and people started cheering.”

That’s why they were here.

Moral victories generally are vastly overrated, but concede him this one. He had played only 36 holes on the PGA Tour in the last 2½ years, yet he performed admirably. Admirably won’t be enough to get him to the weekend—he is tied for 84th—but he does have the more generous North Course on Friday.

“It was fun, it was fun to compete again,” he said. “It was fun to be out there. We had a great pairing today. Pat [Reed} played great, Charley [Hoffman] was solid all day, and I was probably a little bit rusty.”

He opened with a bogey, not an unusual start for Woods, who won the U.S. Open here without making a par at the first hole in the first four rounds in 2008. He hit only eight of 14 fairways and just 12 of 18 greens in regulation.

“On the back nine, he looked solid and steady,” Reed said. “When he wasn’t too happy with a shot it still was manageable. That’s the biggest thing, not playing awhile. I took off six weeks off from competitive golf and played last week and felt like I didn’t know what the heck I was doing out there. There’s a lot of mental errors that happen. For a guy who played one tournament in a year to come out and play the way he did today, I was impressed.

“He seemed excited. He was in the zone, focusing on being a competitor, but I can imagine inside he was probably jumping for joy being out here with the guys playing golf again, especially pain free. That’s huge. He looked good.”

Woods’ harshest critic, meanwhile, was himself, and he veered sharply from his go-to cliche, that “it’s a process.”

“I didn’t hit my irons very well today,” Woods said. “I didn’t give myself a lot of looks out there and consequently I didn’t make a lot of birdies. I didn’t play the par 5s as well, either. I need to clean up my iron game and give myself a lot more looks at it.”

“Baby steps,” Reed called them, fittingly, as it were, on behalf of a man attempting to turn back the clock.


Source: GolfDigest.com

Exercise and Fun…Together?

Can You Have Fun While Exercising?

Well here is the formula we came up with.

Golf=Fun, Golf=Exercise, If you do the math


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  • Breath fresh air
  • Enjoy the outdoors

Moral of the story: More golf= more fun and more calories burned!

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Hole in One!

unnamed (2)

Nick Scalabrini out of Cloverdale had his first hole in one today on hole 3! Nick and 12 of his friends play every year before their fantasy football draft and his hole in one made for a great start to the day.  Congrats Nick!

Orlando victims remembered at Healdsburg fundraiser

A moment of silence and slide show honoring victims of the Orlando mass shooting highlighted an evening of mourning and charity Wednesday as several hundred guests gathered at the Healdsburg Golf Club to raise thousands of dollars for the victims and their families.

Members of the Sonoma County Bar Association’s LGBTQI steering committee and the nonprofit Positive Images hosted the benefit and silent auction Healdsburg Golf Club at Tayman Park.

Dozens of local restaurants, businesses and wineries donated items for the event and auction. District Attorney Jill Ravitch and Graton Rancheria Tribal Chairman Greg Sarris were speakers.

“One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to victims and their families,” said Joseph Daniels, a Golden Gate University law student who, along with other members of his family, helped organize the event.

“Everyone has been so generous beyond our wildest imaginations,” said Angela Daniels, a Santa Rosa real estate agent and Joseph’s mother. “There is a lot of good happening here in Sonoma County.”

10 Most Important Unwritten Rules of Golf

Personally, “unwritten rule” is a paradox on unwritten rulespar with “soft rock” or “fun run.” But it got the wheels turning: what are some of golf’s implied customs? Here are the 10 most important items on golf’s unwritten rules list. You know, assuming there is a list. Which there’s not, because they’re unwritten.

Don’t walk in another’s putting line

Most golfers are cognizant of this etiquette. What most forget, or perhaps are unaware, is that this line extends past the hole. Give your playing partners five feet behind the cup when setting up to address your putt.


This often manifests in foursomes, with two players holding a conversation while another tries to hit their shot. Be aware of your surroundings, and that of others, on the course.

Let faster players through

If it were up to me, inattentive, slow-moving golfers would be incarcerated. Or at the very least, booted from the course. Don’t be the jerk that’s setting back everyone’s schedule. And if you are advancing at a “downloading music on a dial-up router” pace, let the groups behind you go ahead.

Mind the Shadow Monsters

Your cell phone could ring or tell me in detail about a proctology exam during my swing and I wouldn’t blink. Yet if I see your shadow move during my address, I’ll stare you down like Ron Swanson sizing up a Whole Foods. Keep still when others are hitting, and when you’re on the greens, move so your shadow is not in another’s line of sight.

The Golden Rule of Gimmes

Want to make things awkward? Make an opponent putt out a two-footer. That will light the coals.

Even if there’s money on the line, err on the side of being liberal with your concessions. A golfer should treat the putts of playing partners as one would like to be treated.

Be generous with the tips towards caddies

For the sake of posterity, we should define what “generous” entails here. A tip of $60 might strike some as lavish, but given a normal 18-hole round takes four hours, that sum should be the minimum. This is especially true for high school or college kids. Odds are, they need the money more than you.

One caveat — some courses charge a caddie fee upfront. In such a scenario, ask a caddie how much they pull in from that take before tipping.

Don’t give advice unless asked

It’s been said that “The worst men often give the best advice.” This does not carry over to the golf course.

In terms of rudeness, an impromptu swing or putting tip is more reprehensible than poking fun at another’s spouse. If a playing partner requests help, feel free to share your wisdom. But unless called for, keep quiet when it comes to golf counsel.

Roar the “Fore!”

This isn’t courtesy as much as safety precaution. Forget three-putts; you know what will really ruin an afternoon? A concussion.

Everyone, including pros, are guilty of hitting a wayward ball. That can be forgiven. What’s indefensible is planting a Titleist in someone’s dome because you forget to give them the heads-up, literally and figuratively.

Fix divots, rake bunkers

Putting is hard enough without having to navigate past potholes. The rule of thumb is to fix your own ball mark, as well as one more. Same with bunkers: the sand should be just as pristine as it was when you entered.

In short, leave the course in better shape than you found it.

Don’t let a rough round affect the rest of the group

Too many players correlate their enjoyment to the scorecard. That’s an equation for disaster. While it unquestionably feels better to play well than at the other end of the performance spectrum, there are worst tragedies in life than a bad round of golf. More importantly, don’t let any sour grapes towards your own game influence your demeanor to the rest of the group.

Because there are plenty of unwritten rules in life, but it’s a well-known sentiment that no one likes a jack***.

Credit: Golf Digest

1st Annual Healdsburg American Legion Post 111 Golf Tournament!

1st Annual Healdsburg American Legion Post 111 Golf Tournament! Help Support Healdsburg Fireworks!

Click here to find sign up form: http://www.healdsburgamericanlegion.org/

When: Friday, June 3rd 2016

Check in: 12:30pm
9 Hole Shotgun Starts at: 2:00pm

$75 per person (Includes Green fee, Cart, Lunch, and
$300 per foursome after party raffle)

Prizes: Hole in one car, Longest Drive, Beat the Pro

Tiger Woods Shares How He Celebrated His 40th Birthday

Tiger Woods remained silent on social media on his 40th birthday on Wednesday, but he took to Twitter on Thursday to thank his fans for the well wishes.

The 14-time major champion even let us in on what he did for his 40th, which was apparently a gathering with friends and family at The Woods Jupiter — Tiger’s restaurant in Jupiter, Florida. Woods also thanked Darius Rucker “for a fun show,” so it’s safe to assume Woods’ Grammy Award-winning pal played some tunes.

Woods ended his last tweet with simply “40 is cool.”

Cool indeed, Tiger. Check out Woods’ tweets below.

Source: Golf.com

President Obama Starts the New Year With Golf

Looks like golf priorities existin high up places. lets get golfing in 2016!  Happy new year from Healdsburg Golf Club 2016!  See the article here:

“The latest on President Barack Obama’s annual two-week vacation inHawaii (all times local):  10:40 a.m.

President Barack Obama is starting the new year with a round of golf.

Obama arrived Friday morning to play at the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course on Marine Corps Base Hawaii. The weather on Oahu’s east side was sunny, with light breezes.

The White House says Obama is joined by White House aide Marvin Nicholson and Obama’s high school pals Bobby Titcomb and Mike Ramos.

Obama departed his Kailua vacation rental just before 9:30 a.m. and arrived at the nearby base about five minutes later.

This is the 14th day of the Obamas’ annual two-week vacation in the 50th state. The first family is scheduled to depart Hawaii for Washington, D.C., on Sunday.”

Source: abcnews.go.com